Ain't Comin' Home

The Debut Album from Indy Annies

After three years, hundreds of shows, growing an international fanbase, and recording in a Nashville studio, the Indy Annies’ debut album, “Ain’t Comin’ Home,” is now available on all streaming platforms and for purchase on CD at live performances.

The Indiana-based, female-led group released the album in August 2023 to a near sell-out crowd at Duke’s, the Ameripolitan Award-nominated honky tonk in Indianapolis.

The lead singles display the range of country music the group has honed playing clubs and festivals across the Midwest. “Coldest Thing in Texas'' is backed by a train shuffle (and talk of gunnin’ down a man) and “Ain’t Your Name” is full of Bakersfield-worthy telecaster licks. Non-album single “Habit” features vocal work rivaling any Maren Morris hit.

Beyond the singles, other album cuts offer a sincere look at stories of travel, heartache, and straight up revenge: “That mountain wind is blowing /  it’s singing our last song / But I’m too stoned in Colorado / singing breakup songs” (“Stoned in Colorado”); "Hot on your trail, far as I can tell / baby, you’re up to no good / Lit and hell bent, I picked up your scent / and it led me straight to the woods / Burn it down” (“Burn it Down”)

“Ain’t Comin’ Home” was recorded in the fall of 2022 at Welcome to 1979 in Nashville, TN. It was produced by Joseph F. Shreve, Breezey Fox and Krista Hoose; mixed by Ryan Sandlin and mastered by Bobbi Giel.

If You Don't Love Me

The new Indy Annies EP, “If You Don’t Love Me,” is a sharp, but necessary, turn in the band’s career. Written in hotel rooms and enroute to gigs, the acoustic collection of songs is heartbreakingly vulnerable and honest in a stark contrast to the band’s debut album.

Mostly recorded at home by guitarist Krista Hoose and mastered by Bobbi Giel (whose credits include Paramore, Willie Nelson and Reba) the collection of five songs is some of the Annies’ best songwriting, with Hoose laying down nearly all of the instruments and vocalist Breezey Fox finding rich layers of harmonies to go with her sweet melodies and honest lyrics.

The sincerity of “If You Don’t Love Me” is refreshing in an era of neon-laden party anthems and wishful thinking of 20-somethings. Songs like “Stars” and “What If” are perfect examples of the Annies’ ability to know exactly  how you feel at emotionally heavy, or tender, moments. The latter of those feelings is encapsulated in “Mary,” written in honor of Fox’s grandma and featuring her sister as a guest singer. 

Wherever you listen to these songs, tears will surely fall.